about-adrianAdrian is a fully licensed London taxi driver, as well as a qualified London Taxi guide and qualified City of London guide.

He was born in London, brought up in London, lives in London, works in London, and is extremely passionate about London!

As a Licensed black taxi driver Adrian had to pass ‘The Knowledge’. The Knowledge is a series of tests which must be passed by all black cab drivers before they can get a licence to work in London.  Black cab drivers  have to study around 320 routes and 25,000 streets and get to know them all by heart.  This process can takes between two and four years to complete.  They have to then pass a written test and a series of oral exams before they can get their licence.

Adrian has over 29 years experience of driving a Black London Taxi and has an abundance of knowledge and information on restaurants, clubs, theatres/shows, shopping, current and past events, history and other aspects of London that may interest you during your tour.

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E-mail: londontoursbytaxi@gmail.com